The C-Layer standard

A fair and transparent compliance framework built on top of public blockchain

Simplifying the tokenization market

Create a standardized layer for blockchains that issue and manage the tokenization lifecycle by connecting and meeting requirements of everyone (institutions, business, people and regulators), faster, cheaper, and easier.

Why token standards are usefull?

Standardization helps everyone to interact easily with each other. That's why we want everyone to issue token and transact for a free economy!

Token standards are interfaces that must be part of the token design so it can be safely and freely traded, and re-used by other applications.

We believe in token standards enabling open finance for a free economy.

Why the C-layer?

The C-layer is designed for all types of tokens and assets to simplify and standardize the whole token lifecycle under all the regulatory requirements.

A standard, fully open source, which aims to ensure interoperability, trust, and security to its users.

The C-Layer enables you to create your own token, your own crowdsale or any cryptocurrency easily, with no coding skills required, by respecting your national law requirements a customized token, with a Fiat Gateway that follow regulations.

You will able to use generic Oracles for compliance and rates, available to you through the compliance layer directly from your service provider.

How the C-layer works?


More about the C-Layer

A standard for tokens managing token issuance, voting, redemption, ownership, data storage, multi-token, rates and many other components...

Github repository

2019. C-Layer is aimed to be a swiss association.