The C-Layer Standard

A fair and transparent compliance framework built on top of public blockchain

Simplifying the tokenization market

Create a standardized layer for blockchains that issue and manage the token lifecycle by connecting and meeting requirements of everyone (institutions, business, individuals and regulators): faster, cheaper, and easier.

Why token standards are usefull?

Standardization helps everyone to interact easily with each other. That's why we want everyone to issue token and transact for a free economy!

Token standards are interfaces that must be part of the token design so it can be safely and freely traded, and re-used by other applications.

We believe in compliance token standards enabling open finance for a free economy.

Why the C-Layer Standard?

The C-Layer Standard is designed for all types of tokens and assets to simplify and standardize the whole token lifecycle under all regulatory requirements.

A fully open source standard, which ensures interoperability, trust, and security for its users.

The C-Layer enables you to create token easily, respecting your national law requirements. You can create a customized token, with a fiat gateway that follow regulations.

You will able to use generic Oracles for compliance and rates, available to you through the compliance layer directly from your service provider.

How the C-layer works?


More about the C-Layer

A standard for tokens managing token issuance, voting, redemption, ownership, data storage, multi-token, rates and many other components...

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